quick beauty: muji cotton swabs … and everything else they got!

February 19, 2013By stephanie

A cotton swab is a cotton swab is a cotton swab – I know that, but I have to tell you that I really love the super thin cotton swabs I stockpiled on from Muji this past October. If you haven’t heard of Muji, it’s this amazing home and organizational store (the closest to us in Toronto is in NYC, but you can shop online!!) focused on streamlined yet functional products. Filled with an assortment of health and beauty items that would make any makeup artist or beauty enthusiast want to revamp their vanity table, I love love LURVE the cotton swabs. They are super tiny enough to accomplish the most detailed of work and/or clean-up around the eyes and lips without ruining the rest of your makeup. In addition, they aren’t too fuzzy that lint ends up all over you (or your client) and stuck in your gloss. A must-have/must-buy if you find yourself shopping at Muji!

quick beauty: white versus nude

February 18, 2013By stephanie

A very common beauty trick amongst makeup artists is to rim the inner waterline of the eye with a white pencil to make the whites of the eyes appear larger and brighter.  It’s a good trick to learn. However, I prefer using a less stark colour, especially if one is not that fair-skinned. I like to line the inner rims with NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte – a light almond / skin tone colour – that looks a little softer and more natural. It also tones down the redness in the rim of the eyes as well. Try it!

quick beauty: thanks for following along this week!

February 15, 2013By stephanie

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you all for following along during hair week!

I really enjoyed focusing on one specific beauty thang and theming all the posts to match. While my hair has never gone through so much in the weeks prior to preparing for this week, it also has never looked better.

I hope you enjoyed the week as much as I did … and now, onto brainstorming the next theme week … I’m thinking … ugh … I don’t even know! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

quick beauty: dandruff – eeewwwww …

February 14, 2013By stephanie

Remember those commercials where someone would be wearing a black turtleneck or sweater, they would flip their hair or run their fingers through it, and then look down at their shoulder to see a smattering of white, shimmery and scaly flakes and proceed to get really embarrassed? The fear those commercials put into our heads about the sighting of dandruff …

Many attribute dandruff to a dry, itchy scalp, but in reality, while it is an itchy and problematic condition – it is more than just dry scalp. Some experts believe that dandruff is the cause of a fungus – found in BOTH healthy and not-so-healthy hair as well as a mix of external factors including: harsh shampoos, extreme weather conditions, dust, wind and styling product. Poor nutrition and even a hereditary disposition can also be culprits.

But we don’t care about the cause, do we? We just want know – how do we fix it?! Try these tips:

Shampoo more often. If your dandruff is the cause of a fungus, maintaining clean hair is your best bet to minimize the build-up of dead skin cells and excess oil over the scalp.

Cut back on styling products. Hair sprays, gels and other styling products can also create build-up on the scalp causing oilier skin. In addition, coloring agents can dry the scalp. Cut back where you can or look for natural alternatives.

Eat well. As they say, you are what you eat. A well-balanced diet can promote a healthier scalp and head of hair.

quick beauty: breaking up with your hairstylist …

February 13, 2013By stephanie

I have been through many hairstylists.  As my hair goes through phases of short and long, my hairdressing needs vary. In addition, my schedule, budget, and place of residence have also played a role in how long I have stayed with a hairstylist and when I needed to leave ’em. We’ve all been there, and the truth is – it is always hard to “break-up” with your stylist … worse then boyfriend break-ups, isn’t it? Here are some tips on letting your stylist down easy.

Focus on the exact reasons and nothing more. This is hard to do, but it does make your intentions clearer. Stick to 2 or 3 main reasons as to why you are leaving her and her services. If it’s budget, tell her that but don’t go into how you didn’t get a raise or are cutting back on extras to pay down debt. She might expect you to come back when the grass is green again. If it’s because you feel her skills no longer fit your needs, pepper it with kindness but be firm and succinct. If you’re wishy washy, she might keep pulling you back in with giving her “chances”.

Don’t use big lies. Moving out of the country or undergoing major surgery that will leave you on bed rest for a few months is a no-no excuse. What would you do if you happen to bump into her around town? You shouldn’t be lying in the first place, but if you are doing it to spare feelings – say because you don’t find her that great anymore – keep it simple: I’m moving to another neighbourhood or my friend just finished hair school and I would like to become her client … lies all the same, but it won’t hurt her feelings if you happen to cross paths a few months later.

If you think you may return – tell them that! When I wear my hair long and straight, I often don’t see my stylist for months on end. I just cannot justify a $75 trim. However, if and when I get the itch to return to a lob or cropped cut, I might want to come to back and see her. Again, let your stylist know your intentions with your hair and its evolving style and if there is the possibility you will return – then leave the door open and let her know you may be back!

Good luck!