spotlight on : regina sterling

July 17, 2014By DJMC

Name: Regina Sterling

My role with BP: Blog Contributor

How I got into working with BP: I heard about Steph and BP through Elaine [Atkins] (who I’ve known for a few years now through Avon and being an avid reader of her blog Toronto Beauty Reviews). I would read about Elaine’s positive experiences from attending numerous BlushPretty: The Beauty Board events, reading BP’s blog, Instagram and Twitter feeds. When I won the CLEAR: Scalp and Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on the blog, I decided to attend the 2013 BlushPretty: The Beauty Board event and officially met Steph. She contacted me on Facebook on New Year’s Eve 2013 and asked me to be a blog contributor and I said yes!

The best part of my job: Besides trying out new products and writing about them, I’ve been able to meet quite a few of the ladies on BlushPretty Team. All of them have been very nice and welcoming. I’ve also been able to attend events at the studio and outside the to learn about new products.

My secret beauty weapon: Broadway Nails: imPRESS manicure Press-On Nails.  When I don’t have the time to paint my nails these are my go-to’s. They are very easy to apply, durable and will last for up to 7 days.

My must share beauty tip: Ask questions and opinions on beauty and skincare products that you are new to using or want to try out. Go to the people who know about the products and has the patience to answer all of your questions.

spotlight on : stephanie lau

July 9, 2014By DJMC

Name: Stephanie Lau

My role with BP: Blog Contributor

How I got into working with BP: Starting out as a newbie beauty blogger, I met Steph at the Blush Pretty Beauty Board in 2013 and it was all uphill from there.

Steph Spotlight

The best part of my job: It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to test the latest and greatest products.

My secret beauty weapon: The CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara! Finding a decent mascara is tough for my sparse lashes and oily lids. It’s easy to go wrong (think clumps and racoon eyes). The Clump Crusher does exactly what its name says – no clumps in sight. Plus, it’s smudge-proof but non-waterproof, so layering it on top of a potentially disastrous other mascara-that-shall-not-be-named helps to seal it in for the day.

My must-share beauty tip: Try everything! Beauty is all about putting your best face forward and you’ll only know what you like and what looks best if you’re a little adventurous with your makeup.

lightbox : the artist project, 2014

July 2, 2014By stephanie

Wanted to share this gem from The Artist Project held earlier in the year.

The nautical theme was fresh and fun and I think our team knocked it out of the park!

Thanks to Jennifer Ballance, Samantha Wilson, Crista Aguinaldo and Laura Tran for representing BlushPretty that night.



spotlight on : elaine atkins

June 19, 2014By DJMC 1 Comment

Name: Elaine Atkins

My role with BP: Artist and Business Management

How I got into working with BP: I tried to hire Steph for my friends wedding but she was sadly booked. However I loved her site and her work and we ended up being twitter friends. I attended one of her beauty boards and it was as if we had known each other forever! When she needed help with her growing business she reached out to me and the rest the history!

The best part of my job: Getting to work with amazing and inspiring artists and business women. I’m motivated everyday by all the passion and drive they have.

My secret beauty weapon: Witch hazel. The perfect toner, and skin refresher!

My must-share beauty tip: Don’t overdo it with product! Less is more when it comes to both skincare and makeup. Layer your products in very thin layers building up to what you need.

spotlight on : morgan cadenhead

June 11, 2014By DJMC

Name: Morgan Cadenhead

My role with BP: Blog Editor/Contributor

How I got into working with BP: Twitter! Steph, the founder & owner was looking for blog contributors and I answered the call. It evolved into managing the blog’s content and posts, and I love it!

The best part of my job: Aside from playing with fun products, I love chatting with the BP ladies and checking out some of the events BP hosts. There’s so many talented artists and exciting brands BP reps and works with, and I learn from them all the time!

My secret beauty weapon: Hmm – I’d have to say either MUFE Aqua Brow, which does wonders on my naturally lackluster brows, or a classic bold red lipstick – something like MAC’s Ruby Woo. A swipe of that on the lips and I’m instantly in a better mood.

My must-share beauty tip: Be fearless! I love makeup and beauty because it allows anyone to push their boundaries and try new things without having to spend a lot of money or worry about how it will look. Just try new things until you find what works for you and never stop having fun with it. If something looks silly on you or makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s easy to undo with a bit of makeup remover!