scene+heard : exuding confidence with Excel+Stacy London

November 21, 2014By stephanie

Let’s talk about confidence. Regardless if we are wearing our favourite lipstick, or if our bangs are co-operating, or if we know we lost 5 pounds and it shows, emanating an aura of being a confident, strong being can be kind of hard sometimes … or maybe all the time. There are very very few of us who wake up and walk out the door each day feeling confident from start to finish. If you feel me, raise your hand!

Well, I have news for you … actually Stacy London does. :) There are plenty of ways you can up the confidence factor in your everyday life … plenty. For example:

1. Be prepared and plan ahead. Preparation is key. Your purse, your tote, your backpack : make it your confidence kit. Depending on your lifestyle or your schedule for the day, you need to pack the essentials to get you through it all. This would include: your phone, charged and ready; a makeup kit stocked with travel size or minis of you favourite products; snacks to keep you going; a notebook to write down the important stuff.

2. Highlight what works. Instead of spending to much time focusing on what you don’t like, highlight the features and parts of your body that you love. Do you have a plump pout? Wear bright lipstick! Have super sculpted arms? Go sleeveless! Legs longer than a mile? Hike up the hem a bit!

3. Fresh breath! Nothing feels better than knowing that the creamy caesar salad you had for lunch isn’t offending others when you speak. Always carry a pack of gum, like Excel in your purse or pocket when you need a quick boost of confidence.

These were just a few of the tips Ms. London shared with the group and believe me, when she tells you to do something, you want to do it! I’ve already put most of her tips into practice!

I was very fortunate to be in the room, sharing the same breathing space, with Stacy London that day. To be able to learn from one of the top style gurus the very many ways I could put my best face forward was such a treat! A big thank you to Excel for the invite!