countdown to christmas : charlotte tilbury filmstar killer cheekbones set

December 21, 2015By stephanie

I think every girl whom loves a little sparkle on the face deserves to own something beautifully luxe. My pick for a super luxe piece to place under the tree for her would be something decadent from the Charlotte Tilbury line.

charlotteIf money is no object to you this holiday season, why not pick out one of Charlotte Tilbury’s Signature Look sets, that comes complete with a makeup bag and everything a girl  needs to complete the perfect face. My personal favourite is Rock Chick (eyeshadow palette pictured above), but plenty rave about Uptown Girl and the brand’s own favourite, Dolce Vita.

If you are having a bit of trouble choosing a signature look (choosing colours for anyone cane tough), then might I suggest picking up the Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Set – You can’t go wrong with this piece, and with all the talk about contouring that happens 24/7 on the beauty blogs, a bronze+highlight set might just be the winner!

The set comes with Charlotte’s  Filmstar Bronze+Glow Palette, which is set in a stunning gold case, and her Powder+Sculpt brush which makes defining the cheekbones so much easier.  The powders themselves are so finely milled and have just a hint of shimmer that your end result will look neither overdone nor plastic and shiny.  Having the tapered brush  allows for a more precise application and proper blending.

There are more holiday sets to choose from – some limited edition and some mini-editions from the line – but I think either of the above two choices are your best bet. They are staples to the brand, and can replacements can be picked up all year round. As a girl who loves makeup, I love when I can replenish an item easily once I have hit the pan.

Charlotte Tilbury is currently available at Holt Renfrew in Toronto!


countdown to christmas : goody hair accessories

December 18, 2015By stephanie

I think the hardest thing to find during the holiday season are useful stocking stuffers. I mean, sure, you could fill a stocking for someone with like, cute little lotions, and candies and what not … those are always welcome and always fun … but what about something items that are really really useful. Those items that when in a pinch, the recipient says “OMG – thank goodness you put those in my stocking at Christmas – it really came in handy!”


This year, I plan to stuff stockings – at least those for my fellow beauty junkies – with a selection of items from Goody (the source for Hair Accessories and Styling Tools). I plan to start with a couple of staples almost every girl needs : Ouchless Elastics in an assortment of colours or basic black and a series of bobby pins from regular size to skinny.  Even girls with pixie cuts can find use for a decent bobby pin!

Then I plan to round it out with one of my favourite brushes from the line : Goody’s Quikstyle Padlle Brush! As a girl growing out my hair long, I love this brush; AND … as a mother with three children whom don’t know how to properly towel off after their bath … I  LOVE THIS. It’s microfibre bristles remove water to dry hair faster. I rarely blow-dry my hair when I’m not looking to set it in a specific style, so I find this brush super efficient and effective when I need to air dry right quick. The brush is anti-microbial so it inhibits cooties from infecting the brush (another thing a mom might love about it!). It’s larger handle allows for better grip and control.

Goody Hair Accessories can be found throughout most of your big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart!


countdown to christmas : the body shop gift sets … for men!

December 17, 2015By stephanie


You know who the hardest person to shop for is … men. Actually, perhaps not the men in your life like your dad, your husband, your brother … but men who are teachers. Specifically men who are teachers who also happen to be your child’s teacher and you need to purchase a gift for them … stat! Other men, who may fall in this category may include : their (as in your children) bus driver, their martial arts teacher, their basketball coach. No kids but still have men in your life? Well, what about your condo concierge whom always ensures your multiple online shopping packages are accepted and kept safe until you pick them up?  Your “Uncle Bob” – dad’s bestie from way back who is always shows up on the holidays? Or what about that guy that you picked out for Secret Santa at the office? These are all examples of men in your life that deserve to be gifted during the holiday season, yet you might not know their favourite colour or their proper shirt size. Womp Womp.

So – men – officially as hard to shop for as women … until The Body Shop, that is.  Plenty of their gift sets for their rich lotions and creams are just as suitable for men, if not tailor-made for them.  I find there are several options in their hand creams that have pleasant, masculine-friendly scents, and also, masculine-friendly packaging (because sometimes – that does matter!)

This season, my picks would definitely be The Hemp Moisture High Gift Set (shown above). It’s inexpensive at just $15 plus HST, but is luxe in feel and appearance. It would be my choice for a Secret Santa gift or a teacher’s gift.

The Almond Hand and Nail Expert Gift (shown above) is my second choice, and I would gift this more to the male friend who appreciates a neat and well groomed appearance, a great-smelling lotion, and tidy nails. A male co-worker even, perhaps? Just $35 plus HST.

My bonus choice, hands down, is The Modern Man’s Grooming Kit which is just $15 plus HST, but filled with all the grooming tools a man would want, need and use … but never admit to loving (because you know men!). Large Metal Clippers, a nail grooming tool, nail scissors and a comb. All the things a gentleman should own to look proper and neat daily. This gift would not only be great for teachers – but I would also pick it up as a stocking stuffer for my dad and brothers – now doubt about it!

As you most likely know, The Body Shop is a Canadian staple and can be found at most major Malls across the country!

We’ve got 8 days left folks – how is the shopping going?


countdown to christmas : philosophy’s glowing days ahead set …

December 16, 2015By stephanie

My very very first item from Philosophy was their cult fave skin cleanser, Purity. I was in love with it and used it religiously in my early 20’s, and revisit it often. As a staple of the brand, I think everyone should try this one step skin cleanser at least once (or twice, or thrice) in their life!


Suitable for all skin types, the brand’s holiday set,  “Glowing Days Ahead“, which begins with Purity is a perfect pick for the complexion perfection junkie in your life. Complete with all the best items that Philosophy is famous for, its the set that will allow the lucky recipient the opportunity to dabble in a little bit of everything. It’s basically a tricked out skincare regimen in a box.

I personally suggest to anyone who gets this under their tree, to start with Purity, Hope in a Jar, and Time in a Bottle daily; Purity is creamy enough to remove the very last trace of makeup and washes away like it wasn’t even there in the first place; Hope in a Jar will not only help to hydrate and keep the skin soft, but it refines and repairs the complexion as well; and Time in a Bottle, will help fight off the signs of aging – the reason any skincare enthusiast is an enthusiast in the first place. Once the above three items become a routine for you, add in Microdelivery Facial Wash and Resurfacing Peel once or twice a week. This will help to remove all the dead skin cells, and resurface the skin for a more even tone and appearance.

Philosophy is currently available online and also, at Sephora. There are many sets to choose from, but this is by far, my favourite so … Act (shop!) quick!!!