the artistry life : get em bodied …

June 23, 2014By stephanie

I had the most refreshing request the other day for a trial run. A bride to be, actually a bride to be VERY soon, asked for hair that just had body and a softness to it. No fighting her hair into submission to conform to a curl (or for some, to make sleek+straight); no troubleshooting slicking stray hair down that wants to stick straight up; no hassle … period.

Now I cannot share a picture of the final look as well … the bride isn’t married yet … so no images until she shares her own photos first. But what I can share is the low-down on the tools I like using to give volume and swoosh to the hair.

When creating volume and body I really like using larger barrel sizes – whether with a curling iron or rollers. My current favourite tools on the market are Hot Tools  for curling irons and T3 for rollers.

To achieve a simple bend in the hair with lots of movement, I used T3’s Voluminous Hot Rollers and rolled four sections at the top of the head, starting from the bang and ending just under the crown, using the four larger barrels.  With the four smaller barrels I rolled two each on either side of the head. Set by the temples, I rolled them side by side – one closer by the face, and then one right beside it closer to the back of the head.

For the rest of the hair, I used a Hot Tools 2-inch barrel. Instead of traditionally clamping the ends of the hair and rolling up, I clamped the sections of hair close to the root to create lift, released the clamp just slightly and started rolling down the section of hair (similar to using it like a flat iron or a marcel wand curling iron). A 2-inch barrel, even a 1.5 inch, still creates lots of shine in the hair but plenty of lift and bounce too. The curl is barely visible but still, lots of movement in the hair.

Once all sections were curled with the iron, I released the rollers and shook them out. My bride used a simple middle part – which looked fabulous with her face shape and style, but a deep side part looks great too.

I think this relaxed down ‘do looks best with women who have fuller hair, not necessarily thick and abundant, just fuller. The bride above had one-length hair so her wave was consistent throughout the entire style. This style would look great on hair with layers also, but the end look may appear more wavy.