the makeup artist life : from start to finish …

September 4, 2013By stephanie

If you were hanging around the blog last week, you probably came across some very beautiful images shot by Rhommel Bernardino and of the lovely Kaitlin Chapple, a Toronto-based photographer and model respectively. I think we can all agree that the photos are pretty kick-butt.

It isn’t that hard to create a beautiful image when you have a beautiful canvas to work with. Kaitlin was gorgeous as is, so really, my job was easy.

With striking features, deep red hair, and milky skin, I didn’t need to change or “fix” anything on Kaitlin. Instead, the goal was to enhance.

Rhommel and I had decided on that very day to play up Kaitlin’s fiery red hair with lipstick to match and her blue eyes with a frame of black liner. In addition, we wanted to keep the skin looking fresh and her hair touchably soft.

Some of the key products for me to create the end look:

* hot rollers to infuse volume into the hair, especially around the crown
* Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hairstyling products (mousse and hairspray)
* peach colour corrector by Bobbi Brown to correct the darker hue just under the eyes
* MAC Eyeshadow in Vapour to create a soft base on the lid and MAC Fluidline in Blitz+Glitz to create a dark crisp wing of liner (and to line the waterline)
* Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro for the prettiest red lip ever

I have to say, I was pretty stoked about the end look.

Photoshoots and creatives are my favourite ways to play with makeup and hair. Whether it is something as simple as recreating a glamorous bridal look like the one above OR something more fashion forward or risqué, I’m always game to practising my craft through shoots. I’m looking forward to doing more in 2014 and sharing them with you!