It’s Monday. And Monday’s always get a bad rap.
Seriously! Nobody likes a Monday – but what has Monday ever done to you?

I personally love a good Monday. It’s the start to a new week. A chance to start fresh, to start clean, to start over. And for me … it is the opportunity to test-drive, wear, and showcase in public all my shopping finds from the weekend.

Sure, I swatch and play with everything the minute I get home and rip them out of the boxes, but Monday … well, Monday is when I plan my outfits around my new lip colour, or test out a new way to do my hair with new product, or rip the tags off of a fresh to death dress or a new pair of sneakers and head out the door. Monday is the chance to recreate and redefine my style … or just add one more dimension to it.

This week, I’m excited to bust out: my Madewell denim shirt, a slouchy black Theory dress, some Uniqlo tees and legging pants, my new Josie Maran concealer, my Trish McEvoy eyeliner and a pair of leopard print loafers …

What’s your Monday about?