Elaine A.

Your Name:
Elaine Atkins

Your signature look:
Simple: blush, gloss, black liner and black mascara. Although I do love a smokey eye!

Your not-so-secret beauty regimen:
Using a face oil each night

When was the first time you ever wore mascara/lipstick/blush (choose one) and what happened:
I was young – I think in grade 1 and I was in my aunt’s wedding as a flower girl and I insisted on wearing bright pink lipstick. It was the 80’s so I kind of looked like a wanna be Madonna wearing gloves and a lacy flower girl dress!

Airport security confiscated your makeup bag because you were over in liquids, you would save WHICH product from your makeup bag before letting them toss it out:
My face moisturizer!

Worst product you ever bought:
The face primer from Arbonne. It just didn’t work for me – made me look like an oil slick and my makeup just slid off!

Best product you ever bought:
My Naked Palette eye shadow palette. Never underestimate the power of neutrals!

Your #1 tip for brides:
Take the time to enjoy your big day – it goes by so fast so make sure you’re not stressing over the small stuff!

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