Getting married soon? You’re probably wondering how you can keep you and your bridal party safe while coming into contact with all the various vendors and guests on your wedding day. It’s tricky, especially since the days of the handshakes and social hugs and kisses are a thing of the past.

Rest assured, your wedding day vendors will all have a plan and protocols in place. In addition, you shouldn’t shy away from setting your own boundaries for what you and your bridal party are comfortable with. When it comes to makeup, a whole new level of precaution must be taken on both sides. In a time when masks are slowly becoming the norm, how can you ensure that both you and your makeup artist stay safe and healthy?

Your artistry team will more than likely being using more disposable/single use sponges and wands. Their brushes will be clean and sanitized and their workstation will be wiped down and cleaned repeatedly. And of course, PPE will be worn at all times as needed.

Even if your artistry team is A+ on their post-COVID practices, you can continue to level up the standard of safety by taking on a few tasks of your own. It IS a few more things to organize and plan for – but it will help to ease any concerns you may have. As a bride, you can further protect yourself and your bffs with the following three tips :

Designate a separate space for beauty prep.
If and when possible, set up your beauty area separate from where the whole group will be socializing and getting ready. An area in either a separate room or in the corner of the room where there isn’t much traffic is ideal. Bonus tip : Set this area up near a bathroom or sink so that frequent hand washing and cleaning can be done with ease.

Request that your bridal party bring their own product and tools.
Maybe they don’t have to bring their entire makeup kit, but perhaps they can arrange to bring their favourite set of brushes (washed and sanitized), their go-to mascara, and favourite lipstick and lipgloss. This actually doesn’t have to be a post-COVID only practice, we’ve always encouraged brides and bridal parties to use their own mascara and lip colours when possible. Try this : You can make a new makeup brush set part of your bridal party gift! Brands like Real Techniques, sell quality brush sets for as little as $24.99 CDN.

Considering booking or hiring more artists.
Perhaps your mobile beauty team can provide to you more than one artist, or maybe you can book two or three different freelance artists to divide your bridal party between. Doing this allows both you and the makeup artists to control the amount of faces they come into contact with, and it gives the artist more time to sanitize all tools and products between faces WITHOUT sacrificing your schedule and risking running late. Booking advice : Ask your current or potential artistry team for all the options available for number of artists. Be sure to let them know your bridal party size, location, and schedule for them to give you the best advice.

Here’s to happy and healthy wedding day, post-pandemic!