They say the eyes are the window to the soul … perhaps … but I happen to think that they are the best feature to have fun with and their main purpose is to be adorned in shades of greens, purples and your basic black.

In the 2013 we will see a trend towards the noticeably lined eye – a superb way to add pops of colour to the face (alternate between bold lip and bold eye) and to step outside your black, brown, neutral comfort zone.

Clinique Cream Shaper in Eygptian

It is a very thin line between a creamy pencil that glides over the lash line easily but also stays put once applied – I am sure we have all fallen victim to unsightly ring around the eyes once or twice or plenty of times. For me, this pencil, once set properly, transfers very VERY little to the lower lash line and stays pigmented throughout the day with no touch-up. Eygptian is a dark bronzy green which I find is a happy middle between the wearability of your common black but brings you into 2013 by adding a hint of unexpected colour. Available at The Bay and select Sephora.

NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Atlantic

Liquid lines speak trouble for most, but with practice, a liquid line in an electric colour is always gorgeous. The great thing about liquid pens like these are that they are much easier to maneuver than liquid liner brushes. NARS Atlantic is a beautiful deep blue that gives off all the crispness of black but without the boring. Apply it close to the lash line and amp it up with plenty of mascara. Available at The Bay and Murale.

MAC Powerpoint or Technakohl Liners

If colour is the last thing you are afraid off and all you want to do is play … um … well, it isn’t that hard to get lost in MAC’s array of pencils. You will find a great selection of bright blues and greens – very trendable for 2013 – and you’ll just have to decide between a creamier application (Technakohl) or lock it in waterproof (Powerpoint). Affordable, you can easily build a liner wardrobe with breaking the budget. Available at MAC freestanding stores or The Bay.

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Tomorrow: the kiss …