Introducing Laura Amaya Tran! What can I say about this beautiful creature? I met Laura Amaya (I’ve always called her that – her full name before being married thinking ‘Amaya’ was her adjacent middle name) when she came on to join the BlushPretty mobile makeup and hair team around 8-10 years ago (who keeps count these days?).

Back then, Laura was just starting off in makeup … and if my memory serves me correctly, I think after a year of having her on makeup, I started to teach her how to do bridal hair. And then one day, I took her by surprise when in the middle of makeup and hair for a bridal party, a bridesmaid showed me her hairstyle and I told Laura to do it. And she did … without hesitation … but after giving me a look of “WTF? Are you sure???????”

That was the moment that I knew Laura was destined to do great things in makeup and hair.

Fast forward to today … and Laura is still active on the BlushPretty team but living a few long miles away from us in Buffalo, NY where her career is taking off in the bridal industry down there. She has grown into skincare as well, making her a triple threat in beauty.

What did beauty mean to you growing up, and what or whom were your major influences?

Growing up I honestly didn’t feel beautiful. I felt like everyone around me was more beautiful than me and I was just the unseen. I definitely lacked confidence but as I grew older this began to change and slowly I started to appreciate my own beauty. My mom was, and still is, truly my major influence. I remember just being so mesmerized by her beauty, I aspired to be just like her. Also, my aunt Paola who passed 8 years ago was one person in my life that always made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. She was so loving and kind and I appreciate so much how she made me feel without her even knowing how I was feeling and what I was going through. She truly helped me during a time of self doubt.

What role does beauty play in your life at this moment? How has it changed over the years? What do you focus on to feel like your most beautiful self? (e.g. skincare, makeup, hair, mental well-being, physical well-being)

I work in the beauty industry as an Esthetician and Makeup Artist, so I’m truly constantly surrounded by it. I feel like as I’ve gotten older my views have changed significantly. I have learned to appreciate the beauty in everyone and everything including our flaws – its what makes us unique. I’m inspired by all the things around me and appreciate the beauty in everything. To feel like my most beautiful self, I’m focused on just being myself and taking care of me – that could be going for breakfast on my own, grabbing a coffee, and enjoying just browsing around a store. Or even my daily nighttime skincare routine (which is probably my favorite part of my day); its truly my moment of zen. I take my time with each step and once a week I throw in a mask while I sip my tea and relax.

What are your thoughts on beauty in social media and what do you wish for or hope to see as beauty evolves each year? (e.g. inspirational, aspirational, overdone, attainable, unattainable?)

I love that beauty has such a huge social presence and that so many people are enjoying it and getting out of their comfort zones. My only worry is that sometimes unrealistic views and perceptions are displayed. It worries me that boys and girls will grow up with unrealistic views and expectations about beauty or themselves and I only hope that as parents or role models to the younger generations we can help to remind them how incredible they each are and to not get stuck on what they see on social platforms. I hope that we see more realness, not always just the good or “perfection”; there’s so much beauty even in the imperfect.

Describe your journey with beauty as each birthday or decade passes.

I can happily and confidently say that in my 30’s I feel the most beautiful I’ve ever felt. I can now see the distorted view of beauty I had growing up and looking back at photos of myself when I was younger, I’m so puzzled at how I could have ever thought or felt that I wasn’t beautiful or enough. I’ve learned to appreciate all of me.

Explain your current beauty routine, and please feel free to provide examples of looks you want to learn, procedures you want to try, or treatments you are curious about! Also, if you have recommendations for services in the city – please do share!

My daily beauty routine consists of serum, oil and moisturizer and minimal makeup or no makeup on my off days. If I have work, I love to glam myself up a bit which is usually foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara, a simple eye – usually just bronzer in the crease with smudged liner and mascara – and of course a lipstick. Wow : that was a lot! Lol! Nighttime, I go all out with a double cleanse, exfoliate (2x per week), serum, oil and moisturizer and mask (1x per week). I use the Eminence Organics line which I’m so in love with. I will say that as I’m getting older, I am curious about botox. I’m thinking about very small amounts of botox for my minor “11” lines – possibly a 35th bday gift for myself next year – after all prevention is key for anti-aging! I would also love to do laser [hair removal] cause I’m so over waxing and shaving.

Give us your fast five …

Beauty Muse :
Zendaya! I would love to have her sit in my chair and allow me to paint her face …
Favourite Product : Facial Recovery Oil by Eminence
Your Splurge Item : my Replica Beach Walk perfume and my Dior concealer that I’m in love with …
Best Beauty Skill : perfected skin that looks like skin
Worst Beauty Skill : I absolutely suck at putting lashes on myself; I can get them on everyone in 2 minutes but on myself its nearly impossible …