Meet Malika Nagpal : a Toronto-based Fashion Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist. On her blog and through Instagram, Malika aims to help women to make most of their wardrobe while consuming fashion one sip at a time.

Here’s what Malika has to say about her mindset when it comes to beauty, and how she’s been handling her skin and hair care routine during lockdown!

What role does beauty play in your life at this moment? How has it changed over the years? What do you focus on to feel like your most beautiful self? (e.g. skincare, makeup, hair, mental well-being, physical well-being?

Growing up, I always thought of beauty to be just makeup and always have a right hairdo, as seen on Instagram. But, the meaning has changed for me as I evolved and started learning more about myself. Now it is more like a mindset and taking care of my inner self. Things I focus on to feel my beautiful self is self-maintenance, making sure I am taking the right steps for my skincare, and my physical being for which I try to get in as much movement as I can in a day.

What are your thoughts on beauty in social media and what do you wish for or hope to see as beauty evolves each year? (e.g. inspirational, aspirational, overdone, attainable, unattainable?)

Beauty on social media is unattainable and overdone. I really wish that people realize that they should show up as their authentic self; people will relate to them even more. An example of what I do is that I try not to overdo my makeup. I try to show my personality as much as I can, so the video is not about how I did my makeup to hide my acne or blemishes but more of how I brought in some personality changes to face the world as a person I am.

We’ve been in quarantine for so long! How has your routine for both skin and hair changed since you’ve been isolated and socially distancing? Are you taking the time to do more for your skincare? Less? Have you noticed any changes in your complexion or hair?

I have always loved taking time out for my skin and hair routine and still ended up doing the same things. But now I have more time to be there for myself, and I have been learning which products work best for my skin and hair. For example, I love making homemade face and hair masks. My face is clearing out, and my hair is becoming luscious.

In light of Zoom calls and virtual meetings, tell us your tips and tricks for looking presentable online? Are you still wearing makeup? Still doing your hair?

To look presentable for zoom calls, I have been using the method of less is more. My makeup consists of a tad bit of concealer, mascara and nude lipstick. I love to blow dry my hair and making it look all bouncy, and I find it so therapeutic. I also make sure that the lighting is right in the room, and I keep some indoor plants to keep the good vibes.

During lockdown, what products have you been reaching for the most, and emptied out? Which products and items have you realized you don’t really need or use?

During the lockdown, I have been using my beauty oils, they have helped my skin feel like baby’s touch (and surprisingly absorbs my face oil) sunscreen, they are so essential since i have been in front of my screen more than ever. Concealer, brightening youth glow from Charlotte Tilbury, Hydrating setting spray, mascara and nude lipstick. Items that I realized I don’t need is Foreo Luna mini two, turns out it has been aggravating my acne.

Give us your fast five …

Beauty Muse: Audrey Hepburn and Diipa Büller Khosla
Favorite Product: Makeup Setting Spray
Your splurge item: Beauty oils and foundation
Best beauty skill: Less is more
Worst beauty skill: Overdoing your makeup

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