Well. Hello July 1 … two-zero-one-three.


I’ve been kinda sucky at this “blogging” thing as of late, have I not? (Don’t be nice … I know it. You know it. We all know it. I’ve been bad …)

It has been a whirlwind – the past three months. The baby came. And then Wedding season started and things really started to pick up for the team AND the studio. And, well, life in general. Everything just turned itself upside down in a good way.

I would like to think that my headspace has come back though. And starting today, I’m hoping that I can return to somewhat of a regular posting schedule. I’m trying to turn a new leaf as they say and be more present on the blog.

So with the help of a few cool apps, some friends who plan to guest blog for me, and a calendar filled with the stories I want to post about, I think I can do it …

Wish me luck!