One of the bonuses about doing what the team and I do, is the relationships we create when working with our client. It doesn’t happen ALLLLL the time, but every now and then a  client will become a friendly client, then a friend client … and from there, out of nowhere, they become a friend. And that’s what happened here.

Ms. L and I hit it off from the start. She booked us to do her wedding, followed us on Instagram, we followed her back, and then consults and trials and treatments because gabfests and gossip and so on and so forth.

I plan to see a lot more of Ms. L in the near future as we have shopping trips planned and beauty stuff to talk about. I’m just waiting for her to finish up being a new wife and making their new house a home until I plan to be that “friend” her husband doesn’t like her hanging out with …

Congrats L+H … ready to adopt me?