portfolio11Photo by Rommel Bernardino
Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Daga

In a world owned by Instagram filters, contouring, and strobing, I think the everyday gal finds it a bit hard to create a look of really wearable, see-through foundation. It’s almost too easy to overdo it these days : primer, corrector colour, concealer, foundation, cream blush, cream contour, powder blush, powder bronzer, powder highlighter, setting powder, setting spray, and don’t forget that extra bit of highlighter dust on the tip of your nose to make it look super cute! Am i right?

Don’t get me wrong, as a makeup artist, playing with all that product and layering it on carefully for our brides, stage beauties, and corporate clients is the name of the game. There’s stage lighting, HD film, photos,  and all-day wear we have to take into consideration … but that same technique for everyday? Um … yeah … but NO!

I find the best way to fake flawless skin and a natural glow is to minimize your products and also, choose wisely between your formulations. For me, fresh looking skin starts with liquid or cream products, and the tiniest hint of powder.

It’s all about the base. Fall in love with a liquid foundation. The thinner, the better – in my opinion – because you can layer it on for a slightly fuller coverage when you need to. And if said liquid foundation has the word “illuminating” in the name – bonus. Starting from the centre of the face, dot a bit of foundation down the nose and chin, and then again across the forehead and cheeks. From there, gently blend and spread the foundation outward. Go ahead and use your fingers too … or a brush (I guess!)!

Add some concealer. Keep the formula full coverage, super creamy, and blendable, but apply it only where you need it.  This means under the eyes and around the nose. If you’ve had a bit of a breakout, gently dot and pat over the specific spots – not the entire area where the singular pimple or scar is located.

Make friends with cream blush. I use cream blush ALL the time. All the time. Stick with a non-shimmery formulation and dot it high on the apples of the cheek. Just like foundation, blend with your fingers upward and outward.  Avoid spreading your blush colour below your nose or in one thick block across the cheek. Look for simple colours- peach, pinky peach, pink- and layer this on until you have your desired intensity. The great thing about cream blush, unlike powder blush, is it doesn’t become too thick when applied in layers.

Buff it … buff it good! You can skip this step – but j’adore buffing in my foundation, concealer and cream blush. My favourite brush to do this with is MAC 109, and all i do is take a clean 109 brush and buff my products together in circular sweeps. It blurs lines, removes excess, and just ties everything together.

It’s all about the vanilla and chocolate swirl. Instead of over-powdering or layering a bunch of powder products over one another … embrace a twofer product … a powder product that can act as both highlighter and bronzer all in one – it might even be able to act as your setting powder. Think Lorac Tantalizer, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, NARS Contour Blush (favourite!), etc. etc. One product to highlight, contour and set in one layer (or  maybe two). There is no powder contour and then powder bronzer. No powder blush topped with a powder highlighter and shimmer product. No translucent or setting powder.  Just one powder that gives shape to the face, a glow to the cheeks, and shine control through the t-zone.

The truth is, to each their own. If you love wearing full face all day every day … more power to you! But if you’re just trying to polish up the complexion and look great on Instagram sans filter … the quick routine above should help you out!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!