There is something to be said about long hair, brides, and wedding days.

We have brides visit us, shortly after they have become engaged, who claim: “I’m just gonna let my hair grow and grow until the wedding day so you will have lots of hair to work with. You tell me what you want“.

A good hair artist will be able to work with anything you got and transform you into the vision of a bride you always dreamed you would be. Period. ( #preach ) BUT … that doesn’t mean it she cannot use a little help. If you are in the middle of growing out your hair, here are a couple of tips to get your mane in tip top shape for the wedding day.

Stay on top of trims : you got to cut a little to grow a lot. Keeping your ends fresh and maintaining shape during the grow-out stage is key. If you let it grow for the sake of growing and it starts to look sloppy, you may reach a point midway to your wedding where so much damage (split-ends, dry ends, breakage) has occurred that you have to cut off more than you originally wanted.

Treat your hair well : ask your hair artist and your regular hair stylist for advice. Is your hair dry? Or is it too oily?  Does it break easily? Is it too thin?  You have plenty of time to address your hair issues and make a significant change before the big day arrives and all you have to do is ask and listen. Get advice and ask for product suggestions. Let your hair team know what your current routine is and what you want to achieve (more body, less frizz). You hired them for a reason: they’re experts.

Be open to “extras” :  no one has to know. Even if you happen to get your hair to a great length that allows for the style you want, you may need some help filling out some areas – and there is nothing wrong with that. A few clip-in extensions may allow for more volume and curls at the back.  A small tuft of hair can help to fill gaps in the pouf at the crown of the head. A net donut can make a bun even bigger and better … you never know! After your trial run, be open to suggestions by your hair artist. Remmber: those images you brought to her from inspiration? Chances are, those models/actresses/socialites probably have extensions too.