Join Our Team

At BlushPretty, we pride ourselves on having an exceptional roster of artists whom work together in a collaborative and supportive environment. We aren’t just a bunch of artists under one agency, clawing it out for jobs. No way - we’re a team. We support each other and encourage each other to grow in our art. We cheer each other on and we have each others back. It’s about mutual respect.

In addition, all artists under BlushPretty receive unconditional support in building their career through photoshoots (to build their portfolios), workshops (to educate themselves through the murky waters of freelance), and other fun stuff (team potlucks!).

We are always looking to grow our team at BlushPretty, because our philosophy is the more, the merrier. Take a peek at the listings below and if you think you’re a good fit, then by all means, shoot us an email – we’d love to hear from you! Email your cover letter and resume to

Assistant Makeup and/or Hair Artists (part-time)

If you are a fresh graduate or thinking about going freelance but need experience first, this position is a great fit for you. We’ll start you off by assisting our Senior and Emerging Artists at various events and weddings. You’ll dabble in a bit of everything from prepping tools and workspace, to maybe even prepping a client or two. As you gain experience, the opportunity to complete full faces/hairstyles under the guidance of a Lead Artist is always a possibility.

This position is part-time. Those who complete one year of service acting under an assistant role are then eligible to move into an Junior Artist position with BlushPretty.