Photo by Stephanie Daga
Hair by Samantha Wilson
Makeup by Stephanie Daga

I think there is no better time than the start of July to send a friendly reminder to all to protect themselves from the sun, and take care of their skin. In Toronto we are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures hitting 30, sometimes more, and sun for days. It’s the perfect recipe for ditching everything but the bikini but also … getting too much sun exposure. Here are my top tips for having your fun in the sun, but surviving it too!

Wear your sunscreen. I know I shouldn’t have to say this but really if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be much of a beauty expert and blogger would I. Wear it. Reapply it. Reapply it some more. While you can find SPF coverage in many base products, like your foundation or tinted moisturizer, try your best to wear a standalone sunscreen whenever possible. Aim for nothing lower than SPF 30, and be sure to reapply as often as you can. Brands to try :Drunk Elephant, COOLA, and Ombrelle.

Stay hydrated. Yes, that does mean drink your water and drink as much as you can throughout the day BUT I also mean to keep your skin hydrated. Cleanse gently and moisturize well at the end of the day. Take the time to massage in the right balance of serums and creams to repair and restore your skin’s barrier from the day’s damage. Another trick : spritz or mist your complexion throughout the day using a face mist. I’ll do this after blotting away sweat or right before I reapply sunscreen!

Treat your skin gently. A day in the sun can turn into a fiery burn the next morning. Go gentle this summer on heavy peels and exfoliations, especially after a day at the pool. You never know what complexion you’re going to wake up with in the morning, so the game plan is to go gentle. Stick with creamier cleansers, light lotions and creams, and keep active ingredients to a minimum. If it tingles or burns upon contact, shelve it for a few weeks.

Make this summer one to remember because of your bronzy glow – not your fiery one!