Laura A.

Your Name:
Laura Amaya

Your signature look:
I loves me a smokey eye!

Your not-so-secret beauty regimen:
exfoliating with my face wash mixed with sugar works like a charm

When was the first time you ever wore mascara/lipstick/blush (choose one) and what happened:
Although I cant remember I have evidence of me being 3 years old with bright red lipstick all around mouth lol. What I do remember is buying my first ever pink eye shadow at a fair while living in mexico for 6 months when I was 14 years old, it totally didnt match my skin but I thought I looked pretty hot and rocked it until I finished it :)

Airport security confiscated your makeup bag because you were over in liquids, you would save WHICH product from your makeup bag before letting them toss it out:
OMG this is almost impossible to answer because I would want to save them all but since I can only save one it would have to be my face wash

Worst product you ever bought:
Sephora Primer, totally broke me out and made my skin burn (yikes!)

Best product you ever bought:
Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara

Your #1 tip for brides:
Accentuate your best features, whether its your sparkling blue eyes or your radiant skin find the right products that will play them up best!

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