The Body Shop has been around for years and has been known not only for their humane stance but for their quality products as well. Their new product, the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate roller is no exception – it doesn’t skimp on quality. I have never used an eye roller product before so this was an experience. I went in with no expectations and came out quite happy with the results.

Made from Edelweiss plant stem cells, it possesses renowned skin renewal properties and is enriched with community fair trade organic babassu oil.

Its structure reminds me of correction pens, containing a roller ball with a pump. This is a routine perfect for morning right before your put on your moisturizer or eye cream. The liquid goes on cold and as you move the eye roller in a figure eight motion around your eye lids it feels like a gentle massage. This was a relaxing experience and it felt like a nice gentle eye lid massage each time I did it. The product claims to create firmer looking skin around the eyes. The liquid itself is opaque and sticky and once dry does have a tightening feeling. I also found it brightened up the eye area.

Studies by The Body Shop showed that 78% of users agreed their eye bags appeared reduced, 77% agreed that fine lines also appeared reduced and 80% of those tested agreed that their eyes looked less tired.

As a consumer I think this product is worth a try. I have always been on the lookout for a nice eye cream that brightens under my eyes, and the relaxing massage adds a nice step in my morning makeup routine.

You can purchase the Drops of Youth Eye concentrate roller at your nearest Body Shop store or online for $30.