So here’s a simple and easy trick for makeup artists who like to carry a lot but are trying their best to keep the clutter to a minimum when it comes to their kit.

Remove the cardboard insert from your fake eyelash containers for
more compact and stackable storage.

I bet plenty of artists out there do this already, but I also believe there are several out there who do not. In fact, thanks to our Freelance 101 course, Back to Basics: Paring Down Your Kit, I know there are artists who do not do this. And it’s not that it’s wrong … it’s just a hassle.

If you work with the Ardell lashes, you don’t need the cardboard insert to tell you anything important. You’re already a pro, so you KNOW how to apply lashes. If you need to know the lash style number and/or name, it’s printed on the plastic shaper that the lashes are adhered to so you always know what style you are picking and what you’re placing on your client. Foolproof.

So there you go! Spend a few minutes tonight re-organizing your lash stash and removing all the cardboard inserts. Your kit will thank you!