Makeup Artistry

Ready for your close-up!? We've got you covered.

Makeup Services

Makeup can highlight and emphasize your best features!

Whether you want to present your best self, or transform into a beauty glamazon, there is a BlushPretty Artist perfect for you!

Our makeup application services can be provided both in-studio or on-location.

In-Studio :

$95 per person

On-location :

$110 per person

Additional Costs :

  • Airbrush foundation application : $35 per person
  • False lashes application : $10-$35 per person
  • Tattoo and pigmentation cover-up : per person

Become your own Beauty Artist!

Want to learn how to enhance your features for everyday beauty or for all your special evenings out? Consider a beauty lesson! Lessons can be tailored to the techniques and styles you want to master!

60-minute refresher :

$125 per person

90-minute new look :

$200 per person

2-hour from basics and beyond :

$280 per person

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The Eyes Say it All …

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Makeup Artists : We All Begin Somewhere …

June 19, 2020

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Growing Up Pretty : Malika Nagpal

Growing Up Pretty : Malika Nagpal

June 17, 2020

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