Meredith S.

Your Name:
Meredith Sinclair

Your signature look: 
Black liner, Red lip

Your not-so-secret beauty regimen: 
Clarisonic, Clinique & Caudalie – the 3 C’s!

When was the first time you ever wore mascara/lipstick/blush (choose one) and what happened: 
The first time I wore mascara….I fell in love!  Who doesn’t love mascara?!

Airport security confiscated your makeup bag because you were over in liquids, you would save WHICH product from your makeup bag before letting them toss it out: 
Does eye cream count?  My caudalie eye cream or my hourglass veil primer.  Thank goodness for travel sizes!

Worst product you ever bought: 
I bought a mocha nude lip colour in the early 90’s.  Not every one pulls off a nude lip with ease – let’s just say I am not one who can pull it off.  Too bad I didn’t realize it until 1/2 the tube was gone :)

Best product you ever bought: 
Hourglass veil primer.  It is the only product that actually does reduce redness.

Your #1 tip for brides: 
Take advice from others but do what makes you happy :)  Oh – and don’t try to change yourself for your wedding day.  No crazy diets – you are beautiful just the way you are!

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