You know … it really has been a great ten years building BlushPretty. But the best part is the team that has come together in the past five years that has made BlushPretty one of the  top artistry teams for brides and glamazons across the province (I say province because we have made trips out to some of the most remote places.) We love our brides. We love our special event clients. We love our photoshoots, our bar and bat mitzvahs clients, our baptismal and every celebration under the sun clients.

But now its time to take it to the next level. 

While we’ve been commissioned for video shoots and television in the past, it has never been the “bread and butter” of our work. But, as the artistry team grows we are beginning to “rep” some top-notch and skilled talent and we see a natural and organic progression forward into more video and film gigs.

And … so it begins.

I’m very very pleased to start this week off with some great news. The bp team is partnering up with  Canterbury Productions and award-winning writer and director Gregory Breen for their foray into a feature length film: The Long Night. Our artists are ready to go for filming when production launches in June and we couldn’t be more chuffed/stoked/excited/above-the-moon to be providing the makeup and hair. We think we are in good company with such a talented production team and are truly honoured to take part.

This is only the beginning for us as we venture into a whole new industry, but we are excited to see what the future holds. That said, new ventures – like a feature length film – always need a bit of help, and I was wondering if you, yes you, wanted to do us a solid and help us out a bit? Maybe? Sorta? Kinda? Please? :)

In order to make The Long Night a true success – which we feel in our bones it will be – we have an Indiegogo campaign running to help fund the film a bit. Our campaign is filled with some great perks (including a makeover OR makeup bag overhaul from us!) and if you happen to purchase one, you will not only be supporting our team, but also, Canadian talent and the Canadian film industry. We’re all family, right?

If you have the time, please take a look at the campaign and perks – I’m sure there is something for you to take advantage of. The entire bp team and I thank you in advance for your consideration and support.  You rock!

Thanks so much and have a great week everyone!