In the latest installment of my search for perfect under-eye products, I’m talking about Estee Lauder’s Re Nutriv Ultimate Contouring Eye Lift product. It’s a cooling product that’s designed to provide luxury care for your under eyes, tackling signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles while lifting your eye area.

The formula is blended with potent and precious ingredients including Black Tourmaline gems, which Estee Lauder claims makes it one of their most advanced lifting technologies.

I can’t say I’m at the point yet where I’m going out of my way to find products that deal with these issues, but it’s never too early to take good care of the delicate skin under your eyes and I’ve really been focusing on doing that as of late. I tried this product out in conjunction with my usual eye cream, applying twice a day (morning and evening) after moisturizing the rest of my face and before applying my eye cream.

According to Estee Lauder, 92% of women who tried this product felt it created an instant tightening sensation and I can’t say I disagree with that number – you can definitely feel this going to work as soon as you put it on! Using the applicator, I put the product directly under my eyes then rubbed it in with my ring fingers to ensure it was totally absorbed. The cooling sensation is awesome first thing in the morning when you’re still trying to wake up!

Since I don’t have too many visible lines it’s hard to really report on how effective it is in tackling those, but I do feel it’s helping my under eye firmness and dark circles. The kicker with this cream is the price tag – it comes in at $165.00 at The Bay for 15ml. I can see this being something one might invest in who is really serious about managing their skin without taking more drastic measures (you know, like surgery) and if you can get your hands on it ahead of serious aging effects, I think it would work wonders from a preventative perspective.

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