Originally, I drafted this post with the optimism that our lockdown would have ended later this week. I was thinking that things would slowly return to normal (well, the new normal of masks and social distancing) and that other creative businesses like mine, such as photography studios, could resume some type of work. I’m still hopeful that this will end soon, I just need to wait longer. Check out the caption I wanted to post with this photo below :

“If the province comes out of lockdown as promised, the team and I are hoping to get back in the studios sooner rather than later … and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner we are anticipating a round of steamy #boudoir shoots on the schedule!

If you’re thinking of setting up a photo shoot to gift photos to your significant other, consider having your makeup and hair done too. Professionally done makeup and hair for your shoot will ensure that your makeup and hair stays perfectly #sexy know matter how steamy the photo shoot gets!”

I’m the first to admit that I’m the type of person that is always filled with sunshine. No matter how dark it can get, I always choose to walk on the side of optimism. However, it is getting harder each day to stay the course. I haven’t fallen off yet but we will see how the rest of January plays out.

Photo : Off Leash Studio
Model : Alanna of Bellwoods Tattoo (a talented tattoo artist!!)
Hair : Stephanie Daga for @blushprettyteam