Have you ever heard the insider tip about using beer for hair? No, no … not by consuming insane amounts of it, which I assume would be fun for most people, but by actually rinsing the hair with it … yeah … seriously!

The experts say that the mix of malt and yeast in the beer have two separate effects on the hair. The malt works to smooth and nourish the hair, while the yeast repairs and strengthens strands. It’s also said to cause plenty of volume.

The best part about this beer theory is its really easy. There is no mixing or recipe – you just need room temperature beer nearby. After shampooing, pour on the beer massaging it and working it into the hair for a few minutes. Go ahead and rinse, then apply your conditioner. When you are done, style as usual and see and feel the difference.

The hot tip: do this trick in between your shampoo and your conditioner only and always in order to rinse away the smell of the barley, otherwise, people will think you have great hair … and a drinking problem.