Remember those commercials where someone would be wearing a black turtleneck or sweater, they would flip their hair or run their fingers through it, and then look down at their shoulder to see a smattering of white, shimmery and scaly flakes and proceed to get really embarrassed? The fear those commercials put into our heads about the sighting of dandruff …

Many attribute dandruff to a dry, itchy scalp, but in reality, while it is an itchy and problematic condition – it is more than just dry scalp. Some experts believe that dandruff is the cause of a fungus – found in BOTH healthy and not-so-healthy hair as well as a mix of external factors including: harsh shampoos, extreme weather conditions, dust, wind and styling product. Poor nutrition and even a hereditary disposition can also be culprits.

But we don’t care about the cause, do we? We just want know – how do we fix it?! Try these tips:

Shampoo more often. If your dandruff is the cause of a fungus, maintaining clean hair is your best bet to minimize the build-up of dead skin cells and excess oil over the scalp.

Cut back on styling products. Hair sprays, gels and other styling products can also create build-up on the scalp causing oilier skin. In addition, coloring agents can dry the scalp. Cut back where you can or look for natural alternatives.

Eat well. As they say, you are what you eat. A well-balanced diet can promote a healthier scalp and head of hair.