As a mom, I know it’s tough to stay true to/happy with yourself without feeling like you are neglecting your child(ren). Often, once a child has entered our lives, we begin to sacrifice all the things both big and small, for the sake of the baby.

I truly think you cannot have it all. You just can’t. There will always be something amiss in your life, but that is what makes your life unique to you.  Don’t strive to be perfect. Don’t strive to be the best. Just strive to be you.

So like I said, you cannot have it all … but you can come as close to it as possible.

The most important piece of advice I can give to any mother is to not lose your sense of self. While its only natural to have to give up your weekly shoe purchase so you can buy all those diapers, spending your Friday nights with your special group of best friends, or your coveted Monday nights in front of the TV watching CW shows … do yourself a favour and don’t give it up completely.

Aim to do something for yourself, that you love to do, at least 2 to 3 times a month WITHOUT feeling guilty. If you don’t – you will go crazy! You will start to get cranky. You will start to snap at people. You will even start to look unhappy. Your child(ren) would rather see you happy and somewhat balanced than frustrated, tired, and moody all the time.

So do yourself a favour, always make time to do something for YOU!