I know you’ve had that one friend … or family member … or colleague. She used to be dressed to the nines, always polished up, and just on top of it all. Yes? Sound familiar? And then said friend/family member/colleague, gets married, has a baby, becomes a mom and the next time you see her, she’s … different. Different is a nice way for me to say that she looks like she managed to pull on a pair of threadbare yoga pants, throw her hair in a topknot and you’re not 100% positive, but she MAY have brushed her teeth that morning. By the way, her baby is already past the one year mark … um – is she ever gonna “bounce back?”

Adjusting your routine to live life as a new mom is tough – I’m not downplaying it at all. “All babies are different, so don’t worry! You need to find a routine! You need to sleep when the baby sleeps! Let chores slide until you get the hang of it! Breastfeed until they’re four years old!” (please don’t!) There are so many words of wisdom passed around when you have a baby that you try to follow them all … and then you forget the number one golden rule: you can’t take care of anyone else, unless you take care of yourself first.

This week, I’m going to try to NOT BE opinionated on parenting and motherhood and moms who think they just can’t shower during the day or find the time to put on actual jeans (I’m aware of myself to admit that I do judge mom’s who run around saying they can’t do anything because of their children and I know it’s wrong of me). But I am going to impart my thoughts and ideas on how you can still maintain your sense of self through beauty and style, products I love for baby and for mommy, and products I’m dying to get my hands on!

Being a mother IS a great thing … but being you is just as awesome too! So let’s celebrate all the mom’s who parent and take care of their children, but still find time to look A+ … just because our nails are did, doesn’t mean we aren’t as hard-working! :)