A cotton swab is a cotton swab is a cotton swab – I know that, but I have to tell you that I really love the super thin cotton swabs I stockpiled on from Muji this past October. If you haven’t heard of Muji, it’s this amazing home and organizational store (the closest to us in Toronto is in NYC, but you can shop online!!) focused on streamlined yet functional products. Filled with an assortment of health and beauty items that would make any makeup artist or beauty enthusiast want to revamp their vanity table, I love love LURVE the cotton swabs. They are super tiny enough to accomplish the most detailed of work and/or clean-up around the eyes and lips without ruining the rest of your makeup. In addition, they aren’t too fuzzy that lint ends up all over you (or your client) and stuck in your gloss. A must-have/must-buy if you find yourself shopping at Muji!