It’s enemy number one in my opinion. Enemy. Number.One. If you see any sign of the enemy – take them DOWN!

Every pregnant women is scared of getting stretch marks. Period. It’s bound to happen – whether a little or a lot, around the stomach, maybe the hips, and perhaps the thighs. Stretch marks suck.

The appearance of stretch marks is different for everyone and its look is mostly dependent on the colour of your skin.  For some they are pink and others bright white.  Some women will be subject toreally dark brown ones. Once you get a stretch mark, the key to minimizing the long term effect is to treat it early and quickly.

While there are many products and procedures out there that will claim to minimize, reduce, or even eliminate stretch marks all together, very few actually work. The ones that do are often pricey or very invasive. Your B.F.F. to treating a stretch mark – whether for prevention or to minimize –  is to moisturize. As your skin stretches over your belly, it is important that you adopt a heavy moisturizing routine, perhaps 2 to 3 times daily to keep the skin soft, supple and pliant. The more moisturized and hydrated your skin is – the more willing it will be to stretching and growing without stretch marks. Focus on the key areas to: belly, breasts, hips and butt.