As mentioned in my earlier post, I’m in the process of growing out my hair. Everyone has been there at some point in their life, and when growing your hair from short to long the question on everyone’s lips is: to trim or not to trim?

Normally we are afraid to trim because it means cutting off an inch of hair that took us two months to grow that we will never get back. On the flipside, we’ve heard that trimming can actually make your hair grow faster, even if it means making it shorter first. (Don’t worry – no one ever understood that logic.)

To be honest, I’m still trying to uncover the secret behind getting your hair to grow faster, but I do know this: if you are planning to grow your hair, trims DO help. They help the growing out process seem easier, they make your odd stages look a little bit better (and a little more manageable), and they keep your hair looking healthy.

A successful growing out of the hair should include occasional trims to help maintain shape and make hair more manageable to style … so don’t lose your hairdresser’s phone number!