Since the beginning of the New Year, the arctic cold air that we have been receiving has me reaching for lip balm throughout the day.  I am one of those people who keeps a lip balm all over the place – my purse, jacket pocket, makeup bag, night stand and in my locker at work. I am just one of those people that must have my lips moisturized at all times.

Mary Kay At Play has a line of Triple Layer Tinted Lip Balms and I had the chance to try out Orange You Lovely. What caught my eye right away is the 3 layers of colours. Those 3 layers of colours are made to give it your lips the hint of colour, hydrate your lips, and gives it some shine and brightens it up.

What impressed me with the Mary Kay At Play Tinted Lip Balm is that it applied smoothly, I can go without using a mirror and not worry that I’ve applied too much colour because of the subtleness of the orange colour.

Overall I liked the product – find it through your independent consultant or online at for $12.00.