A Cleaner, Brighter & Healthier Complexion

Love the skin you're in.

Skincare Treatments

The best in beauty begins with great skin!

Indulge in self-care by treating yourself to one of our specialized skin treatments. Book your way to better skin using our online booking service.


35-minute skincare treatment :


Smoother and brighter skin in an instant, a deep exfoliation to reveal a healthier complexion

  • $75 plus HST

55-minute skincare treatment :

Microdermabrasion+Low Level Light Therapy (a.k.a. Cold Laser!)

Smoother and brighter; hydrated and firmer skin. All the benefits of our 35-minute treatment, but we can also address the signs of aging or acne with some light therapy!

  • $119 plus HST

75-minute skincare treatment :

Microdermabrasion + Low Level Light Therapy + Mask and Massage

Smoother and brighter; hydrated and firmer; relaxed and rejuvenated. All the benefits of our 55-minute treatment, with added mask and massage, when you really want to practise self-care!

  • $139 plus HST


A brighter and healthier complexion begins with regular and consistent skincare treatments.
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We’re Still Here … we swear …

We’re Still Here … we swear …

January 26, 2021

Since it’s been a long minute, this is just a friendly reminder – the BlushPretty team provides makeup and hair services both on-location and at our studios. While we are still in the midst of this lockdown and pandemic, we are taking calls and emails now to set and schedule future appointments for trial runs, … Read More

Optimism, Sunshine, and Boudoir Shoots

Optimism, Sunshine, and Boudoir Shoots

January 20, 2021

Originally, I drafted this post with the optimism that our lockdown would have ended later this week. I was thinking that things would slowly return to normal (well, the new normal of masks and social distancing) and that other creative businesses like mine, such as photography studios, could resume some type of work. I’m still … Read More

Beauty at Home : Virtual Lessons and Consults …

Beauty at Home : Virtual Lessons and Consults …

January 12, 2021

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