A Cleaner, Brighter & Healthier Complexion

Love the skin you're in.

Skincare Treatments

The best in beauty begins with great skin!

Indulge in self-care by treating yourself to one of our specialized skin treatments.


35-minute skincare treatment :


Smoother and brighter skin in an instant, a deep exfoliation to reveal a healthier complexion

  • $75 plus HST

55-minute skincare treatment :

Microdermabrasion+Low Level Light Therapy (a.k.a. Cold Laser!)

Smoother and brighter; hydrated and firmer skin. All the benefits of our 35-minute treatment, but we can also address the signs of aging or acne with some light therapy!

  • $119 plus HST

75-minute skincare treatment :

Microdermabrasion + Low Level Light Therapy + Mask and Massage

Smoother and brighter; hydrated and firmer; relaxed and rejuvenated. All the benefits of our 55-minute treatment, with added mask and massage, when you really want to practise self-care!

  • $139 plus HST


A brighter and healthier complexion begins with regular and consistent skincare treatments.
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July 2020 : Skincare and Sun Protection …

July 2020 : Skincare and Sun Protection …

July 3, 2020

Photo by Stephanie DagaHair by Samantha WilsonMakeup by Stephanie Daga I think there is no better time than the start of July to send a friendly reminder to all to protect themselves from the sun, and take care of their skin. In Toronto we are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures hitting 30, sometimes more, … Read More

Growing Up Pretty : Trista DeVries, Brand Coach, Marketer and Web Designer

Growing Up Pretty : Trista DeVries, Brand Coach, Marketer and Web Designer

July 1, 2020

Meet Trista! Trista DeVries is a brand coach, marketer, and web designer who is passionate about helping women-identified business owners build growth-ready, big thriving brands. I love today’s interview because Trista really digs deep into her roots and start with beauty, but also outlines her thoughts on beauty in social media … AND gives us … Read More

Retinol 101

Retinol 101

June 2, 2020

What is a Retinol?Retinol, a Vitamin A, is one of the buzziest ingredients on the market today and is best known for its ability to “resurface” the complexion – blurring away fine lines and wrinkles leading to a more smooth, glowy, and lifted appearance with consistent use. Is it different from a Retinoid?Retinol IS a … Read More