I’m all about smooth skin from the face to the toes. :) While I work on skin and body care daily, I reserve a good hour on Sunday evenings “overhauling” my entire self. We’re talking a good shampoo and conditioner, a complete hair removal routine, full body lotion, and scrubbing and peeling as needed. I’ve recently added two products to my routine to keep it all going … (it’s a lot a work, I tell ya!)

I believe exfoliation is the key to keeping the complexion and face looking youthful and radiant. I am a firm believer in microdermabrasion (hello: fresh.beautiful: the skin studio!) but can completely appreciate that regular treatments and sessions can get costly. Olay Professional’s new Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System is the perfect way to achieve microdermabrasion results in the comfort of your bathroom and at a fraction of the cost.

Battery-operated and with an ergonomic design this tool comes with two brushheads and two cleansers – an Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser and a Thermal Crystal Polisher – both as effective as they sound. The unit also has speed control (3 speeds) which is great for people who rather tread lightly with dermabrasion or those whom have sensitive skin. I went full blast.

I’ve been using the system at least once a week, sometimes twice, and I use both brush heads and cleansers each time. The Thermal Crystal Polisher is my favourite (picture on left). You can feel it heat up over the skin and after rinsing, I feel like I have this great flush from it (picture on right). The system cleans the skin well and sloughs away all the grime and build-up I accumulate over the week. It leaves the skin soft to the touch and brighter.

Moving along … keeping the skin smooth on the rest of my body is another story.  It needs more help …

My husband has the smoothest legs. Ever. His arms are like silk too. He has this “problem” of not being able to grow a beard or leg hair or arm hair. Which is odd because he has a head of hair that is thick, curly and still all there (he’s a little up there in years and his family suffers from a bit of male pattern baldness, but he shows no signs of losing his hair anytime soon).

Anyway, back on topic – he thinks not having leg hair or beard hair is a “problem” – whereas I would kill to have super smooth and hairless legs and arms and underarms without the worry of shaving. I’m not the hairiest monster out there, but I do need to keep it all under control. I’m too shy (and a wimp) to undergo laser hair removal but am getting really sick of having to shave my legs twice a week.

I’m really thankful to have come across the opportunity to try out Inhibitif! The latest in hair removal technology, Inhibitif works to stop your hair from growing back and its as easy as applying lotion and deodorant everyday. And its that painless too …

Unlike depilatories which simply removes hair, Inhibitif acts to reduce the frequency of how often you need to shave or wax. By applying the product just twice a day for about 8 weeks, you can reduce how often you need to focus on hair removal. After 8 weeks, maintenance is as simple as applying Inhibitif just three times a week.

I have been quite religious and liberal with both the body serum and the deodorant (there is a serum for the face, which I haven’t tested out yet!).  I’m just completing week five but am down to epilating the legs and underarms just once a week and seeing very minimal regrowth. Last week, prior to departing for Lake Tahoe, I actually de-forested my entire body and didn’t have to worry about excessive or visible hair regrowth during the entire five day trip – so, I’m a pretty happy camper – I had more time to spend seeing Lake Tahoe then in the shower or bathroom trying to look good for Lake Tahoe. Gold Star!

Smooth skin will always be a deep obsession of mine. Its the one thing where, whether I’m wearing my pajamas, sweats, or a dress, I will feel good about myself no matter what. So, if I can feel that way for longer with less effort – hell yeah I’m going to do it. Both the Olay Professional and Inhibitif Lines are available at your local Shoppers Drug Mart!