Name: Giselle Fernandez

Years with BP: 1.5 yrs

I got into hair and/or makeup artistry because… To say I love makeup would be an understatement. I have a 9 to 5 job during the week and actually enjoy what I do. But, I wanted and needed a creative outlet to do what I genuinely loved that was a true reflection of me. Playing with makeup was my “dream job” and I decided to turn my dream into a reality. Becoming a makeup artist is probably one of the biggest achievements I’ve made in my life to date and as the saying goes, “your future is what you make it to be.”

My favourite part about being a hair/makeup artist is… that you’re constantly learning. I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some very talented people and they, at some point in their career, have learned a thing or two (or three) from another artist and I, in turn learn from them. I pay it forward, by sharing my knowledge with every artist I meet.

My dream celebrity client: I have two. Katy Perry (love how she’s not afraid of anything color) and Channing Tatum (hey, someone’s gotta make him look all glowy & sexy in all those action shots!)

My secret weapon: Consonant’s Ultra Firming Eye Cream. A dab of this on a pimple and the swelling magically disappears!

My must-share beauty tip: Great makeup always involves having great skin. My key beauty tip is to ensure you are well hydrated both on the inside and out. The cliche “8 glasses of water a day” saying really does work wonders for both your health and skin. And, splurge a little on your moisturizer – your face will thank you!