Hey everyone! We just completed the first work week of February.

It’s around this time when the shiny brilliance of the holidays and a fresh new year starts to go from blingy to blah. The February Blahs as they say. We get lax on the resolutions, the holiday season is a distant memory, and our to do list – which we swore we would keep to a minimum in 2014 – has begun to grow with many “must do” tasks.

Le sigh. I want my shiny new year back. Please!?!? I mean, don’t you too?!

I don’t know what February 2014 will hold. While the team and I are in the midst of trial runs, photoshoots, events and weddings and while I have plenty of fun product to review and test for you (from Philosophy to Olay to Rimmel to Nexxus to Dove to … you get it, right?) February always seems to be a month where things just coast by.

If you are feeling the exact same way, can I get a hi-five? Ha ha.

Knowing full well this is how I get when February rolls around, we did put together an event to help brighten everyone’s mood. It happens on February 14th – you know, Valentines Day! Have you heard of it? ;)

On February 14, 2014, please join us at our studio at 777 Richmond Street West for our Pink Diamonds/Chrome Hearts v-day event.

From 3-6:30 pm, we welcome all the ladies with special plans out there to make an appointment to get primped and primed for their big evening. Be served cupcakes and champagne while enjoying either a hair or makeup appointment with the BP team. A relaxing way to prepare for your big date yet leave the studio looking smoking hot …

Don’t have special plans? Think Valentines Day is a stupid holiday? Then from 7 to 10 the BlushPretty studio is where you will want to be! We’re inviting all the single independent ladies out there to join us at 777 Richmond Street West for margaritas, sangria, chips, candy, and chocolate … and while you’re there, why not try a smokey eye application or a bold lip …

Rates for beauty services on Valentines Day begins at $35. For more information or to book in an appointment, give us a shout at 416.727.1754 or contact us via email to beautymail@blushpretty.com.

Hope to see you there!