What’s your beauty plan for looking your absolute best on your wedding day? Do you have one yet … because you should!

Just like any goal you have to establish a routine and stick with it. Consistency, as they say, is key. Establishing your beauty plan today, will mean better skin as early as two weeks time.

Our tips and tricks for the bride-to-be :

  • Determine what complexion issues you want to treat or correct and then seek out advice from your GP or dermatologist. It’s easy to self-diagnosis a skin issue and try to self-treat it but with your wedding date near, you don’t want to take any chances. Make a list of skin issues that have recently flared up or that you are unable to solve and then visit a professional with your concerns. Just like a personal trainer or coach, they’ll set you up with a plan to reach your skin goals.
  • Gather your product arsenal and maintain a routine for both day and night. Stick to your routine by organizing your product for your morning routine and your evening routine (and it should include any prescriptions as well – see above!) into separate caddies or shelves. My trick : label everything right down to the order of application and which days you will apply it!
  • Keep a skin diary of triggers, so you can ditch what isn’t helping well before the wedding date. I often advise my brides to take notes when their complexion acts up. If you wake up to a bad skin day, immediately reflect on what you did the two days prior to the flare up! This includes your meals, activities and sleep. It’s also important to make note of anything new you introduced into your daily routine. Once you see common triggers, you’ll know to drop them quick.
  • Become besties with a facialist and keep your dates with them. If your dermatologist is your coach, your facialist is your mentor. Not only is your visit with your facialist about deep hydration and extractions, but its also about relieving stress. Stress can affect your skin in so many ways … so be sure to have regular facials to keep your levels in check.
  • Make sleep and rest a priority! I know, easier said than done. But it IS important. Carve out a plan to receive a good amount of sleep each night, especially the few weeks just before the wedding day – that’s when it will matter most!

We are just at the start of the year, so you’ve got plenty of time to put these practises in place. Have some tips of your own? Share in the comments down below! :)

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