So Toronto, we’ve made it! The entire GTA and surrounding area have made it’s move into Phase Two. Perhaps you took last weekend to dip your toes in the water and ventured out somewhere beyond your local grocery store or pharmacy. Maybe you sat on a patio to enjoy a mean or made a trip to your favourite shop. Who knows?

But, if you’re a good Canadian (one of the smart ones) you did step out with a mask in hand, right? You made sure to wear it properly, and you wore it at all times deemed necessary.

We are all adapting to this new “mask mentality“ and it definitely takes some getting used to, especially for those who love to wear a full face of makeup, or even, no makeup, but a really good lipstick. Beauty, for the time being, is all about the bridge of the nose up. Us beauty folk now need to level up our game in the eyes department!

How funny is it that after moving to my new home back in November, I could not locate a certain Bobbi Brown book that I loved for it’s focused content on makeup for … wait for it … the eyes! I remember looking for it at the start of the pandemic, thinking it would be a great time to review all my books from my makeup library but it was in none of the boxes or bins of stuff we hadn’t found a place for just yet.

I woke up this morning (yes, this is a fresh post guys, no scheduled content today!) and found a stack of my books (including on on accessorizing and another on bullet journalling) on my kitchen table. I’m not sure because no one is awake yet but I think my eldest son must have found them when he was emptying his own bins last night.

Anyway, circling back here, if you’re in need of a refresher for how to bring your makeup game on while being a part of the mask mob you need to get yourself a copy of Bobbi Brown’s Everything Eyes book. In typical Bobbi Brown “makeup for everyone” fashion, this book will provide to you all the background you need in terms of tools, products, and prep, but also inspire you to try new things. Step-by-step instructions for shading different eyes and shapes PLUS a section dedicated to dressing up the eyes BEHIND glasses, I really think this book is the inspiration we all need right now.

It’s simple, easy to digest, and while for some the techniques might be common knowledge, it’s a great way for beginners to get started and get inspired. And I think we all need that right now, inspiration!

Have a great Monday everyone!