Nothing is more exciting than when we receive new stock at the studio. I am so pleased to announce that we have brought on three more brands at the boutique and I bet you will love them.


We actually received LippyGirl about two weeks ago and when the team comes in and starts to play with the testers, they go bonkers. These vegan lipsticks provide all the colour you want but all the natural goodness you know is best for you. With a selection of favourable and wearable colours, you are bound to find a colour that suits you. We are honoured to be one of the only boutiques in Toronto to carry this Vancouver based brand, so do stop by to find your perfect vegan lip colour. We are loving Fancy Pants and Boss Lady!


Face Oils are the not so newest way to hydrate and treat the skin, but some beautythusiasts are skeptical (wouldn’t oil makeme MORE oily???) If you aren’t on board yet, buy your ticket and jump on. We’ll be your guide and chat you up about how and why face oils work and to prove our point, we are bringing in a small selection of Toronto powerhouse Pure+Simple’s top oils. Stay connected in the new year as well when we plan to carry their brilliant face powders and concealers. Promise!

SW Basics (formerly Sprout)

EEK! We are equally over the moon about this one and we think you will be too. This brand, recently featured in O Magazine and name dropped by Gwyneth on keeps its ingredients list to just 5 natural ingredients. Yeah … just five. As you may (or may not, but now you do) I love NYC (two trips twice a year) and now, I have brought a little bit of NYC home. Based out of Brooklyn, SW Basics is gentle for the skin but gets the job done. We will be carrying their cleanser, toner and their makeup remover starting today and in the new year plan to expand.

So there you go – plenty of reasons to visit me at the studio. We will be open on the 27th and 28th (Boxing Week deals folks) and throughout the start of January. Also, feel free to check out as of December 22, 2013 when our Sprout and Pure+simple products will be available online!

Happy shopping and Ho Ho Ho!