I once had a bride ask her bp makeup artist to have her full tube of lipstick from her kit …    she asked right in front of everyone, right as everyone was dressed and ready, and she didn’t even say please. Just “Can I have that tube of lipstick …?” She didn’t even offer to compensate the artist for it. Being ever so gracious, and perhaps somewhat stunned, the makeup artist handed over the tube of lipstick.*

As makeup artists for bridal clients, we completely understand that you’ll need to touch-up – especially lipstick – and normally, makeup artists offer three things :

  • to provide the name of the lip products used so that the client can purchase it for themselves;
  • to pick up the lip products used and the client can reimburse the artist; or
  • to provide a swatch or sliver of the colour used, free of cost (because really, a bride doesn’t need a whole tube to touch up).

More often than not, option #3 is what brides choose to go with and what makeup artists are more than happy to provide. The one issue – where to put that sliver of perfectly rosy pink lipstick?!? We often remember to pack the essentials : extra lip wands, mascara wands, cotton swaps and pads … but rarely a container to flip a chunk of lipstick into. Not necessarily because we are absent minded either … sometimes its because who really wants to carry one more thing in their kit? (Don’t lie MUAs  … you know you HATE having to carry unnecessary items.) Here are three things I use to pop a swatch into when the bride is ready to go:

  • Little bead/craft containers from the dollar store : the dollar store is nifty for stuff like that. I believe you can get 8 for a dollar and while the smallest size is still too big for a little swatch, it does the trick.
  • The plastic case from the set of fake lashes you used on the bride : I use this trick most often, because they plan to discard that case anyway. Reduce, reuse recycle, I say. I also like that I can swatch multiple colours across it and it won’t get messed up.
  • A square of tinfoil. This is a great option because a) if you have to bring it, a large sheet of tinfoil folded up takes up no space, b) if you are working in a bride’s home, chances are she has the tinfoil, and c) the lipstick stays in tact and doesn’t get absorbed in by the tinfoil.

Never get caught off-guard ever again and hold on to your precious tubes of lipsticks and glosses.

* For clients+brides : as makeup artists, we spend a lot of money developing our kit so that we can provide a selection of products, colours and brands to our clientele. In fact, plenty of our freelance earnings goes back into our kit, not our pocket. If you really want the full tube of lipstick and not just a swatch, it would be best to offer some compensation for the cost of the lipstick so that it can be replaced. Or, see option #1 or #2  so that you can enjoy a full tube of lipstick or gloss at your own expense and not the makeup artist’s. You wouldn’t ask the plumber for his wrench “just in case” before he left your home, would you? That is an essential tool for him, just as lipstick is to us.
For makeup artists :  always be prepared. The brides day is about kissing her new husband, so its not unreasonable for her to ask for a swatch or for some touch-item items. Use the tips and tricks above, or if you are okay with giving an almost empty, down to there tube of lip colour, go ahead. If a client asks for a product that is still pretty new, smile, say yes, and then request compensation for it.


  • I would use a contact case. I have loads of them lying around so although I’m not a makeup artist, I use the cases if I’m going out, lipstick on one side and maybe hand lotion on the other, or a highlighter, cream blush, whatever you need.

    • What a fantastic idea! I never thought of that one … but maybe that’s because I don’t wear contacts anymore … :( Thanks Leesh!

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