And by zero, I mean ZERO DEGREES CELSIUS.

If you’re a Canadian (lucky you!) like me, winter either :

a) excites you because, well, HOLIDAYS; or

b) annoys you because you’re skin goes south … and not to like, Florida or something … like south as in down as in bad as in not good.

Here are my top three tips for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best during the colder months.

1. Brush it off. Get exfoliating everyone. The face, the torso, the legs. All over. Give yourself a good scrub down and rid yourself of all the dry flakes and dead skin cells that sit atop your skin. It will allow all your moisturizing products to work better, and keep you glowing. If you’re looking to try something new : DRY BRUSH! Not only will it gently exfoliate you daily, but it encourages lymphatic drainage.

2. Get rich. Both in money (yes please!) and your moisturizer. Obviously – I’m focused more on skin here though. Try something a little bit richer in consistency and texture come November to March (maybe April!). Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, anything butter meant for the skin. I would reserve it more for the body as opposed to the complexion … but do it, get rich. Invest and reap the returns.

3. Steam it up. Turn on your humidifier! And if you don’t have one – get one. Nix dryness in your environment and you’ll nix dryness in your skin. A humidifier will keep moisture levels in home balanced and comfortable which only benefit you, your body and your skin; PLUS add a little bit of eucalyptus oil and you can ease other complexion villains like sinus troubles, flu symptoms and common cold ailments.

Now you’re ready! Bring on winter …