Summer is all about sunshine and the natural glow you get from the long, sunny days spent outside, right?

Ha – don’t I wish! Most of us spend our days indoors working or quite frankly just don’t tan that well (or choose not to in favour of protecting our skin from harmful UV rays), yet the desire to achieve a sun-kissed glow is still there. That’s when many of us turn to bronzer as a way to not only perk up our colour, but also define some of our best features and add a touch of shimmer to our faces.

Sadly, not all bronzers are created equal and it can be a tricky product to master. We’ve all seen someone who has overdone it, selected the wrong colour (orange faces, yikes!) or simply darkened their entire face one shade too many.

Teen Vogue rounded up the 5 most common bronzer mistakes and how to fix them – the list is definitely worth a read!