If you caught on to the title of this post, bravo – you must be on Reddit or at least familiar with the site.

As the girlfriend of a guy who does most of his online surfing exclusively on Reddit and someone working in P.R., I knew about it but never felt like it was something to get into. My partner uses it for reading funny memes, chiming in on subreddits to do with the city of Toronto or video games, and because it’s quick to jump on breaking news stories – the latter being the same reason why I knew of it when it came to work (the rise of citizen journalism is a big deal, guys). I was curious, but not enough to start learning yet another form of social media – I’m admittedly notorious for dragging my feet when it comes to jumping on social media bandwagons.

However, a few months back a coworker mentioned her love for browsing Reddit for makeup inspiration, and needless to say she got my attention. A quick click in the right direction brought me to the Makeup Addiction subreddit, and before I knew it I was scrolling through pages and pages of FOTDs (face of the days), crowdsourced tips and advice, and plenty of average folks like you and me playing with makeup.

If you’re not a Reddit user, that’s okay – feel free to just browse around and get a feel for the site. It’s a great source for beauty inspiration and many of the posters will share detailed product lists and tutorials to recreate what they’ve shared. If you feel you’re ready to participate, it’s a place to share shameless selfies on those good makeup days, ask questions or look for constructive criticism (protip: CCW = constructive criticism welcome), and share your own tips and feedback to others.

It’s strictly moderated on a regular basis and rules leave no room for harassment, overly-edited or filtered photos, or self-promotion of blogs/websites, so you know you’re simply getting other makeup enthusiasts who want to engage in a positive community of makeup lovers!

Do you use Reddit for makeup inspiration?