Just like a trip to the hair salon for a new cut and colour can make you anxious and leave you feeling stressed, so can getting your hair styled for your wedding day by a mobile hair artist. When you’re day to day life is filled with ponytails and topknots, trying to imagine yourself in the prettiest and most perfect updo can be overwhelming.

It’s important for a bride-to-be to understand that your hair trial run is exactly that – a trial run – a preview of what can be achieved. It’s the opportunity to go over your inspiration photos and ideas, and for you to communicate with your artist what you’re looking for. A great artist will also help you manage your expectations : she or he will let you know what will work and not work with your hair type and face shape and also provide suggestions on how to tweak your chosen hairstyle to flatter your unique self. The key to a successful trial run is to understand that the end result is never set in stone. It can be adjusted and tweaked and changed up right up until the wedding day itself.

And the best way to get there : knowing how to communicate!

One of the biggest obstacles to being happy with a trial run is not knowing how to describe what you want. Here’s a glossary of some of the “hair words” that when used correctly WILL achieve the hair you really want :

Volume : In an updo, volume means the fullness and height you want to achieve in your overall look; if you have straight, fine or flat hair you are most likely looking for lots of volume, and usually you’re looking for this around the crown and the perimeter of the face. Be careful when using this term as “volume” is a scale … it can go from very subtle to beehive proportions. When it comes to trying to figure how much is too much – pictures are better than words. So bring photos to describe your desired fullness.

Body : This can be used interchangeably with volume, but most artists will usually use it more when referring to hair that’s left long and loose. How much movement, bounce and fullness do you want with your hair and curls? It’s the difference between wearing your hair smoother and sleeker (think Kim Kardashian straight) or bold and big (think lush supermodel blowouts of the 90’s)

Smooth/Sleek : These two words are usually used together as “I want it smooth and sleek”. To a hair artist, we understand this to mean clean, polished and very classic. This request is often paired with photos of classic french twists and very structured updos. We will be more likely to use plenty of freeze hairspray for an updo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with helmet head. Smooth and sleek in an updo might mean less movement in the hair, and with hair left loose, it may mean straight with minimal body or volume. That said, curls can still be “smooth” – your hair artist might leave the curls or waves intact instead of breaking them up or brushing them out (for example, Hollywood glam waves can be smooth and sleek)

Tousled : This is the word every bride who wants perfectly imperfect hair needs to learn. Tousled means you want the hair to have movement, to look windblown, or to be effortlessly swept back. It can be both romantic and bohemian. Tousled and volume usually go hand in hand. Your artist will usually incorporate some teasing and the breaking up or brushing out of curls to achieve this look. Keep in mind, when you ask for tousled, you should expect to see strands of hair that are left loose, or hair that you might think are “flyaways” but are actually part of the “tousled” aesthetic.

Texture : When you ask us for texture, you’re asking us to add to or change your hair type. We might add curls, waves, or crimping to the hair to give it more oomph for a tousled style. We might run a flat iron through it so we can give you that smooth classic french twist. Texture overall refers more to your existing hair type (straight, wavy, kinky) and what texture you actually want.

Knowing how to use the above words will affect how much teasing, curling, straightening and pinning your artist will need to do. It will also help guide them with the products they will use on your hair, and also help them provide you with the right hair prep instructions.

Remember : communication is key! Why not start communicating with us and see if we can help you get the hair you always dreamed of?