I was perusing Twitter recently and came across a tweet of Behati Prinsloo with her hair pulled back in a ponytail and her face free of most makeup. The picture, taken a while back, showcases how Prinsloo went makeup free after spending days on end abusing her face with runway makeup. Looking radiant and aglow – is there a case for a “makeup detox”???


Photo courtesy of Behati Prinsloo, @behatiprinsloo


Whether you wear a full face daily with false lashes, or a variation of a five-minute face most days of the week, everyone’s skin can benefit from a makeup-free day. It doesn’t matter if you are diligent about washing it all off nightly and following it up with a tried’n’true skincare and repair regimen – aiming to go makeup free for a few days always does a body good.

I have had many brides with various skin issues go makeup free the week before their wedding and the results come walk down the aisle day are always noticeable in a very beneficial way. The pores are smaller, the texture is smoother, the tone is even, the skin is smoother. Making a conscious effort to let your skin return to ground zero and giving it room to breathe is like magic.

Here are my tips for detoxing your face …

Go deep! Whether you hit up your favourite spa for your favourite all out facial, or DIY it at home … start with a deep cleanse and repair. Wash your face. Exfoliate. Do a hydrating mask. Serum, eye cream, moisturize. Basically, you’re choosing the deluxe wash option complete with the rust-inhibitor at the carwash … except, you know, for your face.

Keep it simple. After you initial deep clean, keep your daily cleansing routine simple. Gentle wash, light moisturizer, and if you must, anything to treat any skin issues.

They can’t sit with you … unless their clean. Anything that comes near your face should be cleaned and disinfected. Pillow cases. Sheets. Workout headbands. Clarisonics. Sleeping masks. If they aren’t scrubbed clean – they can’t sit with you. And you know what – while you are at it … wash those makeup brushes. You may not be using them during detox but when you’re done, they’ll be waiting!

Stay away! I’m not going to tell you to avoid cupcakes and french fries because you are already foregoing makeup, why make it harder? Rather, just eat less sugar. Drink less sugar (soda, juice!). Go easy on the processed foods and the junk. Drink more water. Try a green smoothie. Switch from coffee to green tea once or twice. The focus is your face, not your diet … but if you have the strength – this does help!

Remain calm for 72 hours. Don’t wear makeup for at least three days.  I’ll give you bonus points for five days. Look gorgeous if you wait seven.

There you go – my steps for a makeup detox face. It’s the start of the new year … so why not?