It is not in every bride’s budget to have a makeup artist follow them around all day on their wedding day to ensure that they always look picture perfect. Besides, it’s really easy for a bride to touch up or do a teeny, tiny, makeup change on her own anyway!

Many of my brides are creative, detailed, and open to style and glam – they don’t conform to the traditional style and rules of wedding fashion and beauty. From red Converse, to sparkled Tom Shoes, to a veil that is really just yards of tulle cut straight from Fabricland … they like to switch it up. And they want their makeup to do the same.

Here are three tips on what brides should invest in to take their wedding day makeup from ceremony to cocktails:

1. swoop on some creamy, smudgeable black eye pencil and a Q-tip: champagne and soft purple eyeshadow are great for your kiss at the alter, but when you want to bring the drama as the real champagne flows, you can add some creamy black liner to your lashline to smudge and blend for an instant smokey look. The key is to blend it into the eyeshadow you already have for no telltale lines. Since it’s smudgy and smokey – you can’t mess it up.

2. add some lipstick: so, so, so easy to do. seriously. if you know how to put on lipstick – then you can do this. If you went with very neutral shades of eyeshadow and lip gloss in the morning, then keep the neutral eyeshadow, freshen up your liner, and then add on some bold red lips … or pink … or fuschia … or if you dare … try an orange! At night, your family and posed pictures are done and you’re now focused on the party and spontaniety. Let your lips reflect that.

3. let your hair down with some Morrocan Oil and a boar-bristle brush: you had your princess hair for the day. If you went with the curls in a soft, messy updo, or a half up/half down style, this might be easier for you than someone who did the full-on classic chignon. Take out all your pinning, and run your fingers through your hair trying to break up some of that spray. Give your self a deep-side part, and brush through your curls softening them up into wavy sections. Reduce frizz and add shine with a small drop of Morrocan Oil. Go old school glam by pinning back the less voluminous side.