Without fail, every single bride I work with asks about fake lashes – EVEN THE MOST non-beauty-product-loving ones (do non-beauty-product-loving ladies actually exist? Blasphemous).

They either a) already love lashes, b) have never worn them but want them for their big day, or c) they really could care less but a friend of a friend did them for her wedding and supposedly they look fabulous.

Long story short: lashes are a wedding day beauty legend. They can do everything from make the eyes look bigger, make the lashes fuller, make you look like you lost ten pounds AND they can stop that dark cloud from showering your day with rain. Okay, I’m kidding about the last two … if only …

I’ve had some knowledgeable brides buy their own lashes, Shu Uemura, MAC, Makeup Forever … and even a box of ten straight from Pacific Mall with diamante tips. I’ve seen it all. For those of you who know nothing about lashes, I’m here to give you a quick rundown of my favourites – which I think look great, are affordable, and best of all look great. I said that already, didn’t I?

My personal go-to lashes aren’t expensive – and for those of you who love labels – are not from MAC. That’s not because I don’t like MAC. While the higher end brands do create beautiful lashes, if you do not plan to wear your lashes ever again – then why spend all that money? And if I were to purchase those lashes for you – do you know how much that would drive up your costs on your wedding day?

I prefer Ardell Lashes. You can get them at Wal-Mart. And they only cost about $5.00 and up. (Yeah – $5.00. Skip a latte and you’re good.) Here are the three styles I use in my kit:

Single clusters: I prefer to use these on those who have longer full lashes already with just mascara and just want to fluff them up a bit without looking too drag. They are also good for those who are worried that their sparse lashes paired with full out strips will look to theatrical or simply, not like them. They provide subtle enhancement without going overboard. Mature clientele love these as well.

Half strips: I use these the most. I find they elongate the eye, provide all the flirtiness of a full strip, but still feel natural to the everyday client who again, is afraid people will immediately know about her dirty little fake lash secret if she goes with the full strip. I like the Ardell 301, but the 305 can be used as well for a bit of edge and glam. These are also best for asian eyes (in my opinion) they always fit, you never need to trim them, and the curve of the track fits the eye perfectly without “crinkling”.

Full strips: Oddly, full strips are what I use on those who have the average eye shape, size, and lashes. Full strips do not compete with the beauty of their natural lashline and seems to offer them the perfect mix of subtlety and glam for them. I use mainly 109 and 110 from the Ardell line. The only other full strip I use is the 120 which are super full and super lush – and surprisingly – I like using these on those who have super dark and super long eyelashes already … it fits right in!

So that’s my take on the legend of lashes. When you are working with your makeup artist, ask her to see the different shapes and sizes and discuss which ones you love, like and hate. Out of courtesy, if you aregoing to try on several pairs of lashes during your trial run, be sure and be prepared to compensate the makeup artist for each of those lashes since she will not be able to use them again. That said, lashes are resuable for you, so just keep them, clean them up, and prepare the ones you plan to wear for your wedding day and keep them safe!